Pillow: Smart sleep tracking

Pillow: Smart sleep tracking

By Neybox Digital Ltd.

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2014-05-22
  • Current Version: 3.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 153.65 MB
  • Developer: Neybox Digital Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 22,040 Ratings


Pillow is an advanced sleep tracking alarm clock that can effortlessly measure and track your sleep quality. Wake up refreshed and learn more about the benefits of great sleep. Included in Best New Health & Fitness apps on the App Store. Featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, CTV Canada AM, The Guardian, The Hindu and many more. APPLE WATCH SUPPORT - You can now track you sleep using your Apple Watch. - View last night’s report right on your Apple Watch, along with the heart rate analysis for the night. INTEGRATION WITH APPLE’S HEALTH APP - Automatically adds your sleep duration to the Health app after each sleep session - Visualise inside the app how your sleep quality is affected by a variety of health and fitness metrics including weight, heart rate, blood pressure, caffeine and alcohol consumption, dietary calories and Nike Fuel activity. [Premium Feature] TRACK YOUR SLEEP QUALITY WITH ACCURACY - Advanced sleep analysis algorithm, based on the latest scientific findings in sleep research. - Accurate sleep tracking algorithm that detects both motion and sound patterns. - Detailed sleep stage diagram (Awake, REM, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep) and sleep session statistics. - Heart rate analysis for each sleep session (requires connection with Apple Health) - Detects and analyses naps and short sleeping sessions. - No calibration required. SOUND RECORDINGS - Records sounds during your sleep. - Play, export or delete any audio recording. [Premium feature] - Smart audio recording algorithm, discards noise. OPTIMAL WAKE UP TIME - Pillow monitors your sleep cycles and selects the best possible time to wake you up, just a few minutes before the alarm you have setup. - Adjustable time window for the smart wake up period. SNOOZE LAB [Premium Feature] - Personalized experiments & recommendations. - Constantly updated with the latest scientific research and sleep related facts. - Achievements to keep you motivated. BEAUTIFUL & EASY TO USE UI - Beautifully animated, intuitive gesture based interfaced - Clean iOS8 inspired design. - Easy to access help screens and video guide. DETAILED SLEEP HISTORY TRACKING [Premium feature] - Explore your sleep history with Week,Month,Year and All Time overviews. - Data integration with Apple's Health - M7 & Runkeeper activity data integration: View your physical activity in comparison to your sleep quality. - Discover your sleep profile. DATA BACKUP & SYNC - iCloud support: Pillow uses iCloud to safely backup your sleep data and audio recordings. - Sync your sleep data and audio recordings between your devices. - Connect to your Runkeeper account to automatically update your sleep data and share it with other apps. - Export your database to .csv format. 5 SLEEP TRACKING MODES - Switch between any combination of app functionality: Sleep cycles, Audio recordings and Alarm. 3 POWERNAP MODES [Premium feature] - Select between power, recovery and full cycle nap MOOD REPORTING - Easily enter your mood after each sleep session and see how it relates to your sleep quality SLEEP NOTES - Add your personal notes to every sleep session SLEEP AID MELODIES AND WAKE UP SOUNDS - Carefully selected wake up sounds. - Select any song from your iTunes library to use as wake up sound. [Premium feature] - Sleep aid melodies and ambient soundscapes to help you fall asleep. - Optional vibration settings. 2 ALARM DEACTIVATION MODES - Press and hold to stop - Shake the device for a short period. 3D Touch support - Quick start an alarm - Quick start a nap - View your the diagram of your last recorded sleep session PREMIUM VERSION (available as an in-app purchase) unlocks the following features: - Detailed sleep statistics - Unlimited history - Full access to sound recordings - Powernap modes - Access to all wake-up melodies - Access to all sleep aid programs - Snooze lab: Personalised sleep tips - Wakeup melodies from your iTunes library Web: http://www.neybox.com/pillow Twitter: @neyboxhq



  • Latest update not working with Apple Watch

    By wasabicoder
    Since the update I get “open pillow on your iPhone” message. Obviously my watch is connected to Bluetooth and pillow is open on my iPhone. It seems that the update broke watchOS integration.
  • Avoid!!!! Latest update LOST ALL SLEEP DATA!!!

    By User7302
    The latest update claims to have new analysis algorithms but it obviously is NOT READY FOR RELEASE!! I just open the new version and it LOST ALL PREVIOUS NIGHTS!!! This SEVERE BUG needs to be fixed ASAP! If not they MUST GO BACK YO THE PREVIOUS VERSION!!!
  • Great app, questions

    By XweAponX
    But I've got a question. I noticed it had recorded a bunch of audio during my sleep session so I unlocked the premium features. Mostly it recorded my TV which was on in the background. Last night there were 707 recordings that lasted anywhere from 11 seconds to a minute and a half from the time that I lay down until the time that I woke up. Even though my iPhone 6S plus is 64GB, I'm kind of wondering where that audio data is stored, and if it can be deleted when it's no longer needed? Since I am a developer of sorts I was able to break into the app data area and look through the contents of the var/mobile/containers/data/application/pillow.app folder, but I could not find any stored audio data. Found a bunch of files with the extension .ODT, which appeared to be some kind of archive so I opened up a few of those and there happened to be a text file inside listing the audio events. But the question is how much impact on the app size footprint does storing the audio have? It appears to be a very low audio format, and I know some of the lowest audio codecs can store quite a bit of audio information with just a few megabytes. But still I would like to be able to delete unused audio after I have heard what it is. Also I had the heart rate monitor turned on, it transferred the audio data into my second iPhone but it did not transfer the heart rate data. Is there anyway to get the heart rate data to sync up between my two devices? One night I will use my 6S, the next night I might use my 6S plus. Also I am assuming that this app would work better if my iPhone were connected to some kind of health monitoring device and I notice a whole lot of connections for that that are unused because I don't have one yet. I look forward to being able to hook those up.
  • Maybe I’d like it if it actually worked

    By Seahawkgirlie
    Disappointed. Right off the bat, this app never worked for me and it’s frustrating. I have a brand new Iphone 8 plus and a brand new series 1 watch. All system updates are installed. I downloaded your app and tried using it two nights in a row and kept getting “analysis failed” errors on my watch. So I restarted my watch and my iPhone with no fix. Then i deleted the app and reinstalled. Still no fix. Getting same error message. My Bluetooth is indeed on. All my other apps work just fine. No bueno.
  • Not completely bad

    By dj_seawright
    I have been using the app a couple of days now with my Apple Watch and have found that the app is not bad. I previously used the Fitbit app with Fitbit Blaze which is much better for monitoring sleep. This app has the annoying upgrade pop up that wants you to upgrade so that you can view your history. This is free with Fitbit. It seems to do its job once you figure out how to get it started using the watch.
  • Best sleep app on the market

    By Deneenrenae
    It’s honestly worth the money, I use this app daily, and it’s nice knowing my sleeping habits
  • Great tool

    Love this sleeping app. It’s a great way to help me communicate with my Doctor about my insomnia!
  • Give it a Try!!

    By 175859392 DYM
    Honestly, I thought this was all bogus.. but after my curiosity got to me and I gave it a shot, I was really impressed. This was all with the free version. I now have to 5.00USD version and am very excited to try it out. My advice... get the free version, give it a shot (what could it hurt) and if you really like it, (I sure did) then get the paid version to get all the extras and features! Hope this helped and best of luck!! - Dillon
  • Doesn’t work with white noise machine

    By San Fran Mission
    I had high hopes for this app, I should of tried it out before I bought it. This app does not work if you use a white noise machine even if the machine is located on the other side of the room. I tried all three sensitivity levels and placed the phone next to me on the bed as well rebooting my phone and reinstalling the app. I reached out to the developer and got a response regarding my first question but they never replied to my second question which was about the white noise machine. I am sure the app is good as most people have stated but if you use anything at night to block noise then this app won’t work for you. I also found the readings to be wrong about how much sleep I got and I used my Apple Watch while using this app at night.
  • Great concept; terrible execution

    By Almostgotraped
    Almost daily my Analysis does not sync to my app. There is always some unknown issue. The usage is challenging because it is running on your watch and your phone. It’s is a wasted effort to try and use this App.